Infinitra - Innovation and Excellence in Service Delivery

Our dedicated professionals are the cornerstone of our success, a vital asset to the growth and prosperity of our clients. We have business turnaround experts in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, project management, supply-chain management and global strategic planning. We focus on delivering profitable growth across industries in the private sector while delivering operational efficiencies and high productivity in the public sector.

The breadth of experience on our team includes leadership of multi-national corporations, greenfield projects and innovative start-ups. Our public sector experts are thought leaders and operational gurus with exceptional service delivery both globally and locally. Infinitra has seasoned information technology executives with impeccable accolades in science and technology leadership. Our ICT expertise include Six-Sigma process improvement, IT project management, information security consulting, data migration and disaster planning.

We are here to serve and to serve with excellence!

Employee Benefits Management

Finding reputable and dependable insurance brokers to manage your employee benefits initiatives can be exhausting. We'll simplify the process and deliver results you can count on.       

Project Management & Process Improvement

Developing strategic plans and implementing projects on time, on budget and on the cutting edge are key for long-term success. Engage our team of PMPs to achieve success.

International Trade Development

Strategic sourcing and business development are the engines of growth in all sectors. Our extensive expertise in international trade can open a whole new world for your organization.    

Our Team, Our Philosophy

We strive to help organizations develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We  work to improve operational excellence while ensuring that your staff are trained to carry the mantle long after we are gone.  Find out how we can help you and your organization today! E-mail our team at or call directly on            +1 610-703-0287

Global Management Consulting

Global expertise delivered with attention to local details are key for meaningful and sustainable success.  Our goal is to improve your organization's performance in perpetuity.

Our Vision

Our Strength